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Bluu_cobalt 11-19-2018 11:37 AM

Mods from LSJ onto LDK?
so before people start hating cause this a dumb question... i dont know much about modding cars and such so just keep that in mind and bare with me... So i shop online on CariD for my car parts a lot. i want to buy a LDK long block off ZZP but i wasnt sure if i were to buy parts like a cold air intake or exhaust or headers and such for the LSJ engine that im saying im driving with would i be able to put those parts onto the LDK instead once its swapped? or would i need to get different parts for that engine? Thanks:)

armcclure 11-19-2018 11:49 AM

They're completely different engines from the same family (Family2).
To swap an LDK long block into an lsj, you would have to do a complete LNF harness swap. It has been done, but is really not worth the hassle whatsoever.
The LDK-j (gen3 LSJ) short block that ZZP sells has the crank reluctor reclocked so that everything is plug and play. I would not call it an upgrade though, just a cost effective replacement.
You have to stick with an LSJ head, so header/intake/etc would still be applicable.

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