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How to Adjust Ride Height of Rear Coilover Shock?

Hi guys,
I noticed that the perch had come loose on my rear passenger-side shock. The shocks come from this Megan Racing kit and are height adjustable:
EZ II Series Coilovers for Chevrolet Cobalt SS 05-10

Because the perch came loose, the bloody piston is almost falling out of the base, and thus I need to screw the piston back in the base at least 1.5" inches...

The idea is simple, the piston for the shock is threaded into its base and to change the height your supposed to thread the piston deeper into the shock's base (where it is bolted to the car). With the bottom perch fully loosened off, I am struggling to find where I am supposed to use the other spanner wrench to twist the piston into the base? On the front suspension there's a perch at the top and bottom that fits a big and smaller spanner respectively, the bottom tightens the assembly in place and the top is used to twist the piston into the base to adjust the ride height. In the rear however, there is only the bottom perch to tighten the assembly with, how do I adjust how deep the piston sits in the base?

The only thing I could think of is unbolting the base and twisting the base around the piston (this seems wrong, all other ride height adjustments are done with suspension bolted to the car)…

I would greatly appreciate any advice!

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You gotta unbolt the perch and twist it in. That's really the only way to do it.
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