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Headlights keep burning out!

I,ve had my car for 3 years now and I have went threw 2 sets of stock lights and 3 sets of aftermarket lights. When I first asked about this roblem the service manager kept tellin me it was the bulbs. I installed a new set at the end of December and they went out again. Now that I'm out of my warranty I asked him about it again and he tells me it is Def. the electrical system. WTF I told him that **** months ago now he wants me to pay $60 just to do a diagnostic. Shouldn't it get fixed for free since the problem occured while i had plenty of warranty left or am a Fucked?
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I did have the same problem. I was gettin the fake import blue headlights every 4 months cause my brights burnt out pretty fast. So i just bought some HID's. They will last a long time.
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Blown bulbs on a constant bais would be a voltage regulation problem or the wrong bulbs for the running voltage of the car.
If the regulator is faulty the voltage will spike when you rev the motor to high ,and blow the bulb.

The increased voltage shortens the life of the filament in the bulb ,normally the low beam because it is on 90% of the time.
The cheapest solution to try is replacing the voltage regulator on the altenator instead of the whole altenator.
Also check the connections at the bulbs to make sure there tight.A loose connection will cause issues as well.
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