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SS boost problem

Posting this for a friend but pretty much the car immediately goes full boost if your on the throttle at all. It's either your off the gas and at no boost (doesn't even go into vacuum) or if your at any throttle it tries to full boost. He said its throwing a code but haven't scanned it yet. Any ideas?
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Code would really help here.
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My suggestion is to scan for the code. It's probably the turbo-overboost code, but it would be nice to know what it says.

Until you can get to that, check you waste gate rod, waste gate solenoid wiring connection, the vac source tubing from the coldside to the vac solenoid, the vac solenoid wiring connection, and the vac tubing going from the vac solenoid to the BPV, and condition of the BPV.

This is the waste-gate rod (this is a mitsu turbo, so it looks slightly different, but you get the idea):

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This is what the waste-gate flap looks like, but you won't need to look at that:

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This is your waste-gate actuator, source-tubing, and actuator tubing:

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sounds like a fun driving experience
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Ive heard of wastegate rods coming lose .....maybe ur is stuck shut or the Wg actuator is unplugged or junk?
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