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Unhappy HALP - No sound from front door speakers

Alright kids, I have a 2008 Cobalt LS w/ STOCK radio, no OnStar. I went into my car the other day and I had no sound coming out of the front door speakers. The rear speakers work fine, but am still puzzled on why they stopped working all of a sudden. I already tried the levels on the radio, but still no sound when I put them to the front. (no door chime either) Im thinking is a head unit issue, but I don't really know if there is a fuse that needs to be replaced for the front door speakers inside the stock HU?

I did have an amp installed a few years ago, but that was only for a sub in the back. So this shouldn't affect the front speakers.

I do listen to music a a decent level w max being nothing more than 75%, but nothing that I would think would blow them.

From my understanding, if a(1) speaker was blown, the other one should still receive sound right? What I find weird is that how they both stopped working at the same time.

I know i can go aftermarket, but I like the design and ease of the stock radios.

Plz chime in if you got any other advice...
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my front right speaker comes and goes as it pleases, its really starting to **** me off, but i just have no time to work on it! and i havent really found any reason or been able to recreate it cutting out.
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id check and replace the speakers
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Your speakers are dead, get new ones. Same thing happened to my 2008 LT
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I have an after market system now but this was started to happen right before I got replaced. If I would shake the volume snobe side to side it whey would come in and out. I also looked @ the wiring and it had been chafing on the door frame behind the trim. The after market speakers are so nice. The factory speakers are just about the same as paper plates. I would change them out.
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