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A DREAM COME TRUE: The Supercharged Chevy Cobalt SS

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A DREAM COME TRUE: The Supercharged Chevy Cobalt SS

Old 07-17-2005, 03:52 PM
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A DREAM COME TRUE: The Supercharged Chevy Cobalt SS

<img src="https://www.cobaltss.net/articles/bluesss.jpg" align="left" border="0" hspace="5" vspace="2">With the aggressive styling, superb performance, and reasonable pricing, the Supercharged Cobalt SS is a dream come true for young tuners.

By: Denny Medeiros CobaltSS.net -- As a young seventeen year old, I was looking and dreaming of one day owning my first car. Not just a normal car though, but a fast and affordable one. A sharp looking, forced induction machine that would send me back in my seat with pure G force acceleration and a grin on my face. A car that would make my heart pump and adrenaline go through the roof. This dream car was none other then the brand new 1990 Eagle Talon TSI (Mitsubishi Eclipse) equipped with 16 inch rims, 205 HP / 200 pounds of torque, 2.0L DOHC engine turbocharged and intercooled compressing air at 12 PSI… I dreamed of it night and day.

At that time, my father was willing to co-sign a car for me, and I still remember the day I approached him with the brochure of the Hot Eagle which I held so proudly. I gained the courage to ask him to co-sign for the Talon and his reaction was painfully upsetting, as he said that I was out of my mind for even thinking about it. So I went back to my room, holding on to the only piece I thought I would ever own… the factory brochure!!

My father eventually co-signed for my first car… a Toyota Tercel with 82HP, automatic 3-speed with 13 inch wheels. It was a far cry from my dream, but I figured at least I had a car. I was wrong. Driving the Tercel was unbearable. Sure, it’s a great fuel efficient, reliable car, but when you’re born with oil and high octane gas in your veins, it slowly brings you to depression.

Year after year, the Eagle talon was redesigned with an engine that only got weaker and weaker, and increasingly unreliable. All the more reason why it was the 1990-1992 series that I would have loved to own brand new. In 2000 I decided to make my dream of owning a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI a reality. After looking high and low, I discovered that finding a Talon in reasonable condition would be almost impossible, as so many of these beautiful cars had suffered years of abuse from their owners. I eventually settled for one that needed some serious love, and love is what I gave her. Four years of labour and hard work, extensive learning, thousands of dollars, headaches, troubleshooting, and visits from the beloved tow truck. Five years later, it looks good and runs okay, but the old bones are still there and it will never be the car it once was.

At my last car show, the clutch exploded, and nothing could be done to save this car from its misery. As I left the show in a tow truck with everybody looking on, it seemed as though everything was happening in slow motion. That’s when my heart left my Eagle Talon for good. I accepted the fact that I will never own a car like that brand new…the dream was over.

First Glance
While surfing the internet, and looking (more like dreaming) at the brand new 2006 Eclipse, an annoying pop-up appeared in the middle of my screen. I was about to close it, but this car with what seemed like lights similar to the Corvette’s and a nice, sleek look caught my eye. A Chevy?!! But that can’t be. No offence to Chevrolet, but they aren’t really in the game to be producing compact, forced induction, pocket rockets. I had to literally rub my eyes when I first saw the article of the Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged. Oddly enough, the stats where just so familiar to me. 2.0L DOHC, 12 PSI of boost, 5-speed, 2 door coupe with big wheels, nice sleek body. I was thinking “this can’t be”. I started reading more and more reviews on the internet’s most popular car sites, and they were nothing short of spectacular.

Needless to say my mind drifted and I was back to being that seventeen year old boy again. I called the first GM dealership listed because I just had to see this car in the flesh. When I arrived at the dealership and saw this beauty, everything felt right. I am now thirty-one years old, but for a moment I felt like I was seventeen, looking at my first dream car. From its beautiful interior with comfortable leather seats, to the shifter, and the pedals, it just all seemed so right. But reality hit hard when the salesman opened the hood to expose this beauty’s 4 cylinder engine with its massive M62 Eaton supercharger glowing in all its glory, positioned right in front of me. My heart was beating hard just thinking about its power. I would soon find out…

The Test Drive

Ah yes, the test drive. It was a gorgeous day outside with no chance of rain, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day for a test drive. The salesman brought out of the showroom his only Cobalt SS for the year, and drove it to me. You could already hear the beautiful sound of the supercharger and the refined tone of the exhaust. As I sat in the car, I pushed the firm clutch in and shifted into first gear with no force. This short shifter was a beauty to shift. At this point the salesman looked nervous because he thought I was going to take off like a bat out of hell, but no, I took off very gracefully enjoying the smooth comfortable ride. I immediately noticed that this car had a very solid and quiet refined feeling when driving. With the windows and sunroof closed, the “silent steel” construction of the Cobalt was what made this cabin very quiet. At this point the temptation was too strong and I just had to feel the acceleration. First gear….second gear 80km/h. Wow, that was fast. I could definitely see this car doing 6.1 - 6.5 seconds, 0 to 100km/h. With a grin on my face, I knew for sure that this car was the one.

New Owner

Like any specialty car, the salesman will not deal on a car that everybody wants and especially the only one they have (dealerships here only get 1 or 2 each). I accepted the $27,000 CND, fully equipped with transportation included. Immediately after I signed the papers, another couple were interested in the Cobalt SS, but were told it had just been sold, and left the dealership frustrated. (That paints a picture for GM…they need to make more Cobalts SS.) Now the dealership is going to locate a black one for me, with the red inserts, and I can’t wait to take possession of it.


After trying all the other cars, the Cobalt SS Supercharged is the total package. I could not even test drive the SRT-4, as at 225 lbs, 5’9” with 5 years of bodybuilding behind me, I was very, very uncomfortable. I just did not fit in those little seats. The 2006 Eclipse was $38,000, which is overpriced, but still a very nice ride. The Nissan Sentra SE-R really lacks in the looks department. The Toyota Celica and the Honda Civic have torqueless motors to me and are expensive for what they are. But these are just my quick opinions.

To conclude, I would like to thank General Motors for building this incredible car and making my dream a reality. Now it’s time for Chevrolet to go race those imports and bring in the gold.

Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged Stats

Vehicle type: front-engine, front-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 2-door coupe
Base price: $21,995 USD
Engine type: supercharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve inline-4, aluminum block and head, port fuel injection
Displacement: 122 cu in, 1998cc
Power (SAE net): 205 bhp @ 5600 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 200 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Wheelbase: 103.3 in
Length/width/height: 180.5/68.4/55.6 in
Curb weight: 2900 lb

C/D-estimated performance:
Zero to 60 mph: 6.1 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 16.0 sec
Standing 1/4-mile: 14.7 sec @ 97 mph
Top speed (drag limited): 140 mph

Projected fuel economy (mfr's est):
EPA city driving: 23 mpg
EPA highway driving: 29 mpg

Denny Medeiros
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Originally Posted by denny
Top speed (drag limited): 140 mph

i still find that number amusing lol
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Old 07-17-2005, 06:44 PM
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That was a very good read. Makes me proud to own one.
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Old 07-18-2005, 09:52 AM
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seeeeeee thats what im talkin abouttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
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Old 07-18-2005, 10:42 AM
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A very nice write up, but each paragraph kept getting shorter and shorter. He did not comment on much other than acceleration, and how quiet it was as far as the test drive is concerned.

I enjoyed reading this however, after finishing the first paragraph which seemed to build you up for a nice long article about the Cobalt; it is quickly ended with not much more than a walk around and a short test drive.

Not that I need info about the car.. I own one, but I think people looking to buy need more info or opinions which include the writer's likes and dislikes.
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Old 07-18-2005, 10:53 AM
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I thought it was a great article on a great car. Im very happy that someone enjoys the car I have as much as i do.
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Old 07-18-2005, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by MarcS
He did not comment on much other than acceleration...

But isn't that all we need to know? J/k
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Nice article, thanks for posting.

I like how its written from more of a personal perspective rather than "just the facts". It shows the emotion behind buying your first nice car, which is pretty cool. I can definitely relate to the whole experience, as I'm in the process of saving for my SS S/C
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Old 07-18-2005, 11:20 PM
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I am really starting to want this car, I am just not sure if I can afford it.
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Old 07-19-2005, 07:00 PM
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I love my SS!
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sigh....... made me get all gushy inside....lol
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Old 07-20-2005, 01:55 AM
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when o when o when will mine get built and arrive .. hehe

I hate waiting....

reading more articles like this just makes the wait seem longer

in the meantime I have driven the Cobalt LS coupe that my brother's girlfriend has, but it needs more power.. lol
I still cant find anything to complain about with her car, except I think she should have got the mp3 capable stereo and the 5speed, but oh well otherwise it is superb! I am dying waiting for my SS S/C
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Old 07-24-2005, 03:51 PM
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denny, too bad u didnt get to take advantage of the gm employee discount! i saved almost 3 grand on my fully loaded ss. Thank You GM!!!! did anyone else save on buying theirs?
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Old 07-24-2005, 04:29 PM
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save about the same, little less
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Old 07-24-2005, 04:36 PM
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I, myself bought my SS in May and missed out on the GM discount. I could have saved $1500. Oh well, it is worth every penny to me. It's the best and fastest car I have ever owned!
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Old 08-09-2005, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by love my SS
denny, too bad u didnt get to take advantage of the gm employee discount! i saved almost 3 grand on my fully loaded ss. Thank You GM!!!! did anyone else save on buying theirs?
I "leased to buy" at 0.9% interest for 4 years. Since then GM introduced the GM employee discount and brought the interest up to 5.9% so If you do the calculations it comes to roughly the same thing.

Thank you very much for all the great feedback on my article.
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Old 08-11-2005, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Jabbles
I am really starting to want this car, I am just not sure if I can afford it.
me too man, i feel your pain!! i have to wait til im out of school to get one. but i NEED one, that or a Camaro SS
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Old 09-02-2005, 11:50 PM
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I got my '06 for $20,700 from $24,100, plus got $1500 out of my 91 olds cutlass trade.
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The discount up here in Canada does not cover an 06 SS 2.0. I tried a lot of angles. Since they could sell this car for the sticker price (i believe them) they were going to show me the door, so I folded. If I wanted the "one" that was coming to the lot that day, I was going to pay to play or bugger off. Someone would have picked that car off in no time. I did knock about 1500 off though. I do not feel ripped off paying that price for a car of this calibre. If you think this is expensive, go start priceing cars in this range.
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Spectacular read!!!!!!
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tell yall what, i got mine fully loaded for 18,909 after 1500 down dont ask how oh and did i mention that it only had 700mi when i receved it
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i guess the cobalt SS is making tuners like more the SC than a turbo!(beeing the fastes coupe in the market!)
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I was 17 when I got my supercharged. My dad co-signed for me. It's my first car and it is the most amazing car ever. I noticed too that it was quite and nice to cruise in. Every time I get in to drive I still get excited 7 months on. I payed $30000 CND maybe i payed more but I just had to have it. Thanks for the great read.
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New Laser Blue Metallic

I just picked my Supercharged SS up day before yesterday,and every time I drive it the grin gets bigger and bigger! $23,000 with every bell and whistle that could be found crammed into this sweet little gem. My dubious girlfriend was squirming in her seat after feeling that take-off power!

Nice going GM!
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I got my 2006 SS/SC rally yellow for only $20G's no g85 or onstar. with only 200 miles on her. Shes a beauty. I love these Cobalts so much. cant wait for my mods over winter. Im prolly gonna have the loudest exhaust outta any one. and I am also 17, but i am working and paying for the car my self. i dont wanna hear everyone's statments saying daddy and mommy paid for my car. cuz im paying for it. Thx L8r
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