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Can cops "create" traffic jams?

Was travelling from Portland to South Everett about an hour ago, when I was passing Park and Ride on the left right next to the Alderwood mall exit, a state trooper flew across the lines about quarter mile behind us.

At first it looked like he was after someone for speeding, but when he went all the way from the left to right shoulder and then back... then proceeding back and forth from shoulder to shoulder severely slowing down traffic and creating a major jam on a 4 lanes one way highway...

Anyone ever see them do that? What would be the point? Slow down a speeder? Back everyone behind someone they're trying to catch?
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I always wondered why they do that
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All I can think about that is cocaine must be one hell of a drug....

Or cop could be a douche
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Rolling slowdown. Sometimes used to block traffic because of an incident ahead or usually to jam traffic so that a fleeing vehicle cannot speed off and create a high speed pursuit. It's safer to block them at low speed then it is to pursue at high speeds weaving through traffic.
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Its a rolling traffic break to safely bring traffic to a stop due to a problem up ahead like an accident so a possible chain reaction pile won't happen when traffic behind it catches up to where it is

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OH, so the civilians, more than likely retired WSP by evidence of their driving habits i.e. driving 10MPH below the posted limit, blocking the left lane, exiting the expressway from the left lane for a right lane exit at the last possible second are really helping me instead of just flat out pissing me off. Thank you for clearing this up!
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This happened to me on my last road trip. Was wondering what this was.. Eventually ended up at a stop around a fire on the road.

Good place to stop.
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