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Tactrix Tuning Cable, ZZP Big Brake Kit Calipers: from 2009 Cobalt SS

Hello all,

I recently sold my 2009 Cobalt SS, it was a sad day but I just needed something more economical. Premium is now nearly $4.00 in Chicago, yay! I now drive a 2017 Corolla and love it (aside from the slowness).

Anyway, I took some parts off the car before I sold it, hence the below. DM for any details or if you want to talk about price. None of the prices below include shipping costs, which I get a pretty solid discount on so I'll work with you on that. Here is the price list and items:
  • SOLD - Headlights - $100 for the pair.
  • Tuning Cable (Tactrix OpenPort 2.0) - $100
  • SOLD - K&N Typhoon Intake (item # 69-4518) - $100
  • SOLD - ZZP 3.25" Fenderwell Intake (no upgraded tube) - $100
  • ZZP 14.5" Front Brake Kit (calipers and most hardware) - $250

SOLD - $100 for the pair. Headlights - never installed on my car. A friend gave these to me to sell, everything works when we tested. If any more pictures/details are needed, please DM me.

SOLD - Straight on view of one of the headlights.

SOLD - Part of the plastic is chipped off from where the nut/bolt was (left-center side of the picture).

SOLD - Small chip off of the plastic where the nut/bolt was (right center of picture).

$100. Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 tuning cable that was sent for my Trifecta tune. DM if you need additional details or photos.

Close up of the Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 label.

SOLD - $100 - K&N Typhoon intake for my 2009 Cobalt SS (item # 69-4518). Filter could use recharged so I've included a recharge kit with whatever I had left in the can. There is one small washer that is chipped, 1 bolt that is slightly stripped, 1 nut missing, item Q (the plug) is actually not missing, I found it, and a bolt and spacer went missing during the uninstall somehow. I'm sure all parts could be re-ordered by contacting K&N. DM me if you want any more pictures or info.

SOLD - Parts list for the K&N Typhoon intake. I've circled the parts that are missing. I'm sure these could be easily ordered from K&N.

SOLD - $100. ZZP 3.25 LNF Cobalt Fenderwell Intake. DOES NOT include upgraded intake tube, but you can buy that separately on This tube and MAF cable were replaced by ZZP and then I never reinstalled so there are 0 miles on those. The air filter maybe has 1,000 miles on it, barely dirty. I sold the car before I reinstalled the tube.

$250 - This is the ZZP 14.5" Front Brake kit (minus the rotors, of course).
I have braided lines I left on them. There are still pads inside the calipers, do with them what you will. Missing the copper washers, one nut for one of the bolts, some bleeder valve caps, but ZZP might be able to help you out there, they might not, I don't know, I haven't contacted them. I sold the car and took these brakes off before I sold y'know, sometimes you lose stuff in the process. DM me with any questions! I'm open to any reasonable offer.

Here is a picture of the hardware that I do have for the ZZP 14.5" Front Brake kit.

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What would you do on the k&n sri shipped to 38305?
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