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Car Just Shut Off While Driving

Well Last Night I Went Out To Get myself a new toy... On The Way To Markham (roughly 25min North East of where is live) i had no problems on the way there. On The way back along a 80km road i was following just behind a friend of mine in his car... When We went over a set of train tracks, at about 60-70 i went over the train tracks, and the Car just shut off.. I had insturment lights (not full lights just the red parts) i was like F&%K,F&%K,F&%K,F&%K i high beamed my friend but didnt really notice cause we mess around all the time, but luckly i just pushed in the Clutch and Started it up (while rolling) and put it into Second and went on my way like nothing every happened....

When we get back i told my friends about it, he also said when he was behind me, he noticed when i would honk on the gas, he would get spirts of oil on his windsheild, now my car 05 SS/SC does smoke a little when i honk on it (has done it since i had it, and i believe everyones does it) but what scares me is oil is coming out, and the limp mode, when if this happens and i loose steering of anything else, our E-Brakes are **** i have tested an emergency stop with it and you roll to a stop like you where in neutral.l.

any thoughs, do i bring it in (well im gonna bring it in, question is put it off till i have time or take it in ASAP)

oh yeah my new toy

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You have a lot of keys on your key ring... if you have a ton of **** on there and you hit a good enough bump (tracks) it could cause the weight of your keys to turn the ignition switch to access.

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I don't understand the oil thing bro. That doesn't sound right at all. There shouldn't be oil coming out of youe exhaust like that. Warranty work possibly??
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Make : CHEVROLET Model : COBALT Year : 2006
Service Bulletin Num : 3421B Date of Bulletin: JAN 01, 1901
NHTSA Item Number: 10014807
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i had the same thing happen, dealer didnt do anything because they couldnt duplicate the problem
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