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someone find his car and light it on fire
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Better yet just light him on fire
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The funniest part is he still tries to say its everyone else's fault, on every forum, hes ever been on. I know people just like him, pos.
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Another thread revival lol anyone ever ban this guy? Or know if he's using an alias because he scammed me over some 60# injectors back in 2010 I never said anything on the forum because I was so pissed off, had low posts and knew it'd be a drama fest but looking back I see he screwed alot of people! I had the receipt showing they were even shipped etc I know he got them but disputed and I couldn't figure out how to enter the info into paypal to prove it but I sold to so many people Black07 SS/SC GM Cobalt SS SC and Shroogis just to name a few but any how was curious because I'm getting back into the site more with the purchase of a second balt and will be looking for parts to purchase in the future and I see we still have issues with scammers
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I think PayPal generally protects the buyer over the seller... but, IF the buyer gets PayPal to side with them that your product wasn't as described, etc. the buyer still has to return the product before the return is issued. I believe that's how it works now.

Just make sure you do the PayPal buyer/seller transaction, I don't think you get any protection if the money is sent as a gift.
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what is going on now?
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