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Endless Washer Fluid

Old 01-27-2007, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by 1BadBlueSS View Post
ok next time I run out...which is normal....cause I hate a dirty windshield, I will measure the amount of fluid I put in it!
I've done it today: exactly 4 liters (1 full jug)!
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Old 01-27-2007, 03:04 PM
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i bought my car in March and just refilled it. I only bought a gallon and it took it all i i belive it was still thirsty.
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I got mine in July of 06 and use mine ALLOT and have not ran out yet. I was just thinking about checking it the other day because I thought there was no way this thing is not close to empty with as much as I use it. Now that I said something it will run out very soon I just know it.
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ye ai have never filled mine yet either!!! it holds ALOT!!
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Originally Posted by marquis View Post
I've done it today: exactly 4 liters (1 full jug)!

Canadian washer fluid jugs must be different than ones in the USA. Although I'm not sure of the exact size, mine was still very thirsty after 1 full jug.
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Old 01-27-2007, 03:33 PM
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I fill mine once a year
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I too have had mine since May and have yet to refill it
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lol,I still have not filled mine either.
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Speaking of washer fluid, FUNNY STORY....

i bought my car here in San Diego and the dealers must have been filling it with water, because when I went cross-country, it all froze in Albuquerque. Then it took me about 2000 miles before I could get it all melted/flushed out and filled back up with the -20F stuff. And yes, it took two full jugs (I think our jugs are like 3L here in US) for me to even see the fluid line. So, to you here in the southwest, be careful when travelling to colder regions. I was quite the road hazard not having washer fluid capabilities in Colorado with salt/sand/snow on the road. I would have to get up real close on the ass of a semi so I could "wash" my windshield with his spray.
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. I said the same thing this summer than realized that everytime you go into the dealership for anything....anything they fill up ur fluids. I have never put WF in my car EVER. had it for almost 2 years now.
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i fill mine just about every other, meth injection with 5gph nozzle ftw
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I'd dump it before going to the track..

If it truly is 2 gallons.. thats ~14lbs..
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Yeah, these cars do have huuuge resevoirs for washer fluid. I wasn't too surprised though cause when I worked at Walmart changing oil a few years back, we used to dump a whole 4L jug of that stuff in the Cavaliers and Sunfires. My buddy and I were quite impressed that GM finally got rid of the need to carry a half empty jug around in yer trunk, lol. - Kinda like "why did it take car makers this long to think of that"
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crap, this reminds me I got to go fill mine. Mine lasted over 6 months, but I only use it in the snow
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mine took 1.5 gallon when i finally ran out
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