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Check the bottom of your doors!!

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Originally Posted by Arrival_Blue View Post
Silicone Spray.
thread from the dead?
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armour all has sicone in it,,will keep it from sticking for sure,,, ive detailed cars for a long time and had lots of people tell me that it works awesome!!
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what did you guys use to release the rubbing? i was thinking of just resealing it then putting a strip of foam tape on teh part that rubbing so it doesnt rust, i just bought a 09 ss t/c and its got a little rub
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Mine is all along the bottom of the door. I'll take it to GM and see what they say. Last time I needed a warranty repair was for water intrusion in a headlight. They told me the exhaust I have was causing a problem in the engine and broke the seal of the headlight. I made the ******* look like an ******* in front of pretty much everyone. Nevertheless, got it fixed haha.

I love to bust *****.
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I found I got this at the top of the doors where the door meets the frame.

I took it to the dealership because my paint seems to be flaking elsewhere too and they repainted the car but its happened again.

I also get a lot of wind noise and I've complained about that, obviously the alignment is off on the doors but as GM normally does they made an excuse and told me it was the way the panels are built.

The car was bought brand new in 2010 and has never been in an accident so it cant be a bent frame.

I'd chalk it up to straight up shoddy design... another thing to add to the long list of complaints
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I have this same issue with my doors and I'm going to be fixing it out of my pocket was just wondering what people did to fix it. I talked to the body shop they said the 3m clear might not work due to it not being flat.
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Yeah mine too
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POR15 + new paint anyone?
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mine did it, had it fixed, then it did it again, I fixed it, but it will probably do it again
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The paint will just keep wearing off - can't do the same thing expecting different results. I suggested POR15 because it is a tough coating, and (when top coated with OEM paint) should last much longer than paint alone.

My doors are down to metal in spots, but no rust (yet). I do drive it year-round so I'm keeping an eye on it.
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Mine is starting to do it also, but I'm not under warranty. IF YOU ARE---> if the dealership gives you a bunch of crap about how it's not under warranty, tell them you're calling the better business bureau and if try don't believe you, do it. You should be getting a call from GM the same day and they should paint it up. They don't like disgruntled customers and dealing with the BBB :p
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I have a buddy who used to swear by spraying silicone up those drain holes to prevent rusting. I have done the same and have had no issues as well.
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Does anyone just use Fluid Film for the winter? My area isn't really salt heavy in the winter and I do not drive my car often so I just want to keep the bare metal from rusting.
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As much as I love Fluid Film, Krown is a much better option.

Oh to live in Alberta, no salt... must be nice!!
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