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  1. 2.2 LAP Engine Washer Fluid Tank Relocation
  2. Appearance How to prep and paint your supercharger and valve cover /engine parts
  3. All Engines How to Baffle a Cheap Catch Can
  4. 2.0 LNF Engine LNF Proper S257 Turbo system Install
  5. Electrical Program new key fob at home without tech 2: How to
  6. 2.0 LSJ Engine Intake Gasket Repair - Help!!
  7. 2.0 LSJ Engine option B tank hose path orientation
  8. 2.0 LSJ Engine zzp s3 install mounting
  9. 2.0 LSJ Suspension control arm bushing replacement lessons learned
  10. Electrical How To: LED third brake light Cobalt/G5
  11. 2.0 LSJ Engine Cold Air Intake
  12. 2.0 LSJ Engine Cam Cap Removal
  13. 2.0 LNF Engine lnf Valve cleaning and powell v3 oil seperator install
  14. Other/Misc diy vibramount for below pics if the one you got is wrong.
  15. Electrical 2008 Cobalt SS Stereo Wiring
  16. Other/Misc Brake Master Cylinder Replace
  17. 2.0 LSJ Engine OTTP return fuel system
  18. 2.0 LSJ Engine Anybody have a how to for an oil catch can on a lsj?
  19. 2.0 LSJ Engine how to remove LSJ injectors
  20. Electrical How To: Install WOT BOX on LNF
  21. Appearance sunroof removal?
  22. Appearance LED Side Marker Lights
  23. Exhaust How to fix afternarket exhaust leaks!
  24. Drivetrain MU3 F35 Stock shifter linkage adjustment!
  25. Electrical How to change headlight bulb
  26. 2.0 LNF Engine How to install injector seals (LNF)
  27. Meth Kit Install (Pics)
  28. 2.0 LSJ Engine How To: Gen 3/Gen 2 no sleeves in LSJ block
  29. 2.0 LNF Engine Updated guide on how to install ZZP's Borg Warner Turbo (ZFR)
  30. Other/Misc Brembo Swap on LSJ
  31. Interior How to: Remove/replace Steering Wheel (05-06)
  32. 2.0 LNF Suspension Brembo Caliper Rebuild
  33. Electrical How to use HID lights as Daytime Running Lights
  34. Electrical How to install load resistors Cobalt / G5
  35. Interior How To: Swap 05-06 radio for 07+
  36. 2.0 LNF Suspension ZZP Engine mount install by Hoagies Garage
  37. Electrical Clockspring Replacement
  38. Wheels/Tires How to: Clean your filthy polished wheels
  39. 2.2 L61 Engine Cheap Intake Manifold Swap
  40. Electrical HOW TO: Install EGT Gauge in your Cobalt SS
  41. Wheels/Tires How to install OEM center caps on aftermarket wheels
  42. Interior Tip for installing your new gauge bezel
  43. Appearance CCFL headlights.
  44. Electrical DIY How To: install compustar remote starter in 2008 Cobalt SS
  45. Appearance How-to: BPS OEM Adapter
  46. 2.2 L61 Engine How to remove timing cover / front cover
  47. Other/Misc Itrader How-To
  48. 2.0 LNF Engine How To: Valve Gunk/Coking Removal
  49. 2.0 LNF Engine How To: Remove Intake Manifold
  50. Electrical Regaining High Beams with HIDWerks.com Retrofit Headlights.
  51. Electrical How to replace Steering Wheel Audio Controls Lamps
  52. Cobalt SS Shift Knob Removal, 6 Easy Steps *W/Pics*
  53. All Engines Chaos Six Dual Pass
  54. 2.0 LSJ Engine How To: Replace LSJ Clutch Master Cylinder
  55. HOW TO: proper two bucket wash. (pic heavy)
  56. Appearance "How to" remove SS High Rise Spoiler/Wing Fin Blade Insert
  57. Other/Misc How To "Correctly" Use the Search Feature on COBALTSS.net
  58. Other/Misc Injector size???
  59. Interior How to Easy inner door handle re-assembly
  60. Interior Brushed Aluminum effect for chromed plastic
  61. 2.0 LNF Engine Treadstone TR8 Kit DIY install.
  62. Electrical how to install a traction control button/false ebrake for autos
  63. HOW TO: Disassembly of rear (damaged) LNF brakes
  64. Appearance Led third brake light
  65. Interior How to adjust any short shifter Hurst BPS TWM B&M
  66. Appearance How to Install Sideskirts on base models with 3M Tape
  67. 2.0 LSJ Engine "How to" Install COMP/ZZP S1 Cams, Supertech 75# Valve Springs, & GMR Cylinder Head
  68. Drivetrain How To: Replace Axle Boot
  69. Appearance V-LEDs V3 Triton Switchbacks Install
  70. Other/Misc How To: Make a Functional Spare Key for 9$
  71. Electrical How To Aftermarket Fog Lights Use OEM Fog Light Switch
  72. Interior hide away buttons for under steering wheel compartment
  73. All Engines How To: Remove Fuse Box
  74. Wheels/Tires How to Reset TPMS - if you dont have your manual
  75. All Engines HOW TO FIX: P0010-P0015, P0100-P0104 CEL FIXES T/C light, hard shifts problem
  76. 2.0 LSJ Engine how to: replace thermostat(with pics)
  77. 2.0 LNF Engine ZZP's ZFR Turbo Installion
  78. Electrical All electrical related how tos (includes gauges)
  79. Interior All interior related how tos (includes speakers and radio)
  80. Appearance All exterior appearance related how-to threads (includes headlights)
  81. All Engines How To K04 Install
  82. Drivetrain disassembly f35/mu3 transmission
  83. Appearance How-To: Install Reverse HID Kit
  84. Interior VIDEO How-To Pop Out Steering Wheel Airbag
  85. Appearance How To : Headlight Removal and HID Install (pics!!!)
  86. 2.0 LSJ Engine How To: Push down the Tensioner if you stripped the nub
  87. 2.0 LSJ Suspension 10 Minute Spring/strut/shock Swap without a sprig compressor
  88. Appearance HOW TO: Mini H1 Retro install
  89. Other/Misc How-To: Contact GM if dealerships fail to help
  90. All Engines Trifecta EzFlash Operation on Mac OS Machine via Parallels
  91. Other/Misc How to: Make a milkshake
  92. All Engines Blower motor instal procedure
  93. All Engines Door Fix
  94. Electrical How To: Install a starter kill relay
  95. Appearance Reverse light delete/All red lights
  96. Appearance Replacing dull sandblasted stock fog lights with new hotness.
  97. Appearance How To: FXR Headlight Retrofits [Noob Guide with Pics]
  98. Interior How to install double din mounting kit properly
  99. Appearance How to shave trunk lid wing and lock holes
  100. Appearance How-To: Custom LED Tail Light Retrofit
  101. Electrical How To: Reset Speedometer/Tach needles
  102. Interior How To: Wood Backed Trunk Liner (Solid Base Trunk)
  103. Interior How to relocate usb port on factory Headunit 08+ Cobalt
  104. Drivetrain HOW TO Replace Shift Linkage Bracket
  105. General Suspension All suspension/brake related how to threads
  106. 2.0 LSJ Engine How to install Injen Hydroshield
  107. 2.0 LNF Engine How to test and Replace Evap Solenoid
  108. 2.0 LSJ Engine How To Change Timing Chain Tensioner
  109. Appearance How-To: Wire Up Bi-Xenon HIDs
  110. Appearance How-To: Install Switchback LEDs W/ Resisters
  111. 2.2 LAP Engine How to Seafoam a LAP 2.2L
  112. 2.0 LNF Engine How to intall oil pressure gauge sending unit, relocation from under turbo mod
  113. 2.0 LSJ Engine How to Log AFR Using A/C Pressure (Big Pictures)
  114. Other/Misc How to: Install Aftermarket Speakers Using Stock Speakers
  115. 2.0 LSJ Engine "How to" Install Dual Pass Endplate w/o Removing Your Alternator
  116. Exhaust Putting Back On Stock. Question
  117. 2.4 LE5 Engine How-to Seafoam/Remove the intake cover 2.4L
  118. Interior How to install IRL Recaros in a Cobalt
  119. 2.0 LNF Engine How to get women, $, and strength while fixing your breather hose!
  120. Other/Misc Adding the Boost Parameter to Your Dashdaq
  121. 2.0 LNF Engine How To: BNR turbo swap
  122. Electrical How-to: Replace trunk release button in the dash
  123. Appearance How-To: Install LED Taillights W/ Resisters (Coupe)
  124. Drivetrain How To: Clutch Job on Cobalt SS
  125. Drivetrain Chevrolet Cobalt SS Short Shifter Install DIY
  126. General Suspension How to install SS/SC front sway bar,Moog endlinks,and spacers on LS. With pics
  127. Interior Shift Knob Threaded Insert Install DIY
  128. All Engines How to: Trifecta Tune
  129. Appearance 3rd Gen Projectors Install with HID kit, halo's, and LED's
  130. Appearance HOW TO: Installing HID Fog Lights
  131. All Engines How To: Drain The Tank
  132. Other/Misc How to : Bed-In Your New Brakes
  133. 2.0 LNF Engine How To: Install GM Stage 1 LNF Kit (GMS1)
  134. 2.0 LNF Engine How To: Seafoam (VIDEO)
  135. Detailing How to: detail your car
  136. Electrical How To: Add Heat with no HVAC
  137. Appearance How To De-Badge the Right Way
  138. Electrical How to Replace Blower Motor Resistor (Get Back Fan 1-3)
  139. Appearance Remove front license plate bracket
  140. Electrical How To Hard-wire an Accesory to Turn on With Car
  141. Interior How To: Replace a turn signal switch
  142. 2.0 LNF Engine How to install Turbo XS intercooler pipes
  143. Detailing Wash an engine bay
  144. 2.0 LNF Engine How to install Turbo XS cold air intake!
  145. Interior Front Speaker Tutorial w/Pics!
  146. All Engines How to: Make a perfect 50/50 meth mix
  147. Appearance How To Remove Headlight (PICS)
  148. Appearance How To: Change interior to LED. *UPDATED INFO*
  149. Interior How To: Winterizing Floorboard
  150. 2.2 LAP Engine N2MB LAP Installation Instructions
  151. Appearance How to: Glowing interior trim. (long read, pics)
  152. Interior seat belt
  153. 2.2 L61 Engine How To: 2.4 Intake Manifold Swap on 2.2
  154. 2.0 LNF Engine O2 Sensor Replacement Bank 1
  155. Appearance How To Install 3 Piece RK Sport Wing W/o Drilling holes
  156. All Engines Sea foam (CORRECT HOW TO)
  157. Appearance How to: Antenna shave!!
  158. Interior How To: Make a Dual Gauge Cluster Bezel
  159. Interior How To: Install a Double-DIN Aftermarket Headunit in your 05-06 Cobalt SS
  160. 2.0 LNF Engine Removing Stock Airbox
  161. Detailing How to: Clay bar your car
  162. Drivetrain How To Rebuild a Turbo (Garrett)
  163. Appearance Change Headlight Bulbs in Cobalt/G5 Video
  164. General Suspension How-To Replace Rear Shocks
  165. 2.0 LNF Engine How To - Add the analogue boost gauge on a factory RPD car
  166. 2.0 LNF Engine (MPx) ModernPerformance FULL Exhaust Install and Stock Removal
  167. Appearance How To: Make your own removable license plate mount
  168. Other/Misc Post pictures on CSS.net
  169. Appearance Dual projector Gen 4 headlights
  170. 2.0 LSJ Engine Install Fuel Pressure Sensor. Mechanical Only
  171. Interior Install Subs and Amp without splicing existing wires
  172. Appearance How To: Color Matched Headlight "Eyelids"
  173. Exhaust Quick Question (Noob)
  174. Electrical glowshift questions
  175. Interior How to change cabin air filter
  176. 2.0 LNF Suspension R1 Concept front brake install
  177. 2.0 LNF Suspension R1 Concepts rear brakes install
  178. Appearance How To: Custom 3rd Brakelight Vinyl [56k Warning]
  179. Interior How To Install An Auto Dim Rear–view Mirror
  180. 2.2 L61 Engine How to install a vacuum gauge (2.2L or 2.4L)
  181. 2.0 LNF Engine LNF Evap Vent Valve
  182. All Engines Valve Cover- Removal and Installation.
  183. All Engines How to: Replace your Radiator
  184. Other/Misc 2009 Cobalt lt upgrade
  185. Interior 194 Ebay LED Load Resistors.
  186. Other/Misc How To: Add Pictures in your Forum Posts
  187. Drivetrain TWM Cable Clamp Install
  188. Other/Misc Retrofit Heated Mirrors **(56k Run Away)**
  189. Exhaust LNF: Installing Bad-Mab Catless downpipe
  190. Other/Misc How to format USB drive on a MAC for radio compatibility
  191. All Engines J-body.org: Balance Shaft Delete Install
  192. Appearance How to : Door moldings removal!
  193. Appearance How to: Pinstriped wheels
  194. Appearance How to/Review: Plasti-Dip Evo Mod (Lots of Photos)
  195. 2.0 LNF Engine How To: Remove SS/TC bumper and install MPx Intercooler
  196. All Engines Collision Tech Repai Info
  197. Appearance gen 3 wiring, need help
  198. Wheels/Tires How-To Outsmart your Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  199. General Suspension How To change Control Arm Bushings
  200. 2.0 LNF Engine Boost leak test a stock SS LNF.
  201. Electrical How To Replace Your Reverse Light Switch MU3
  202. Appearance How-To Install a Hide-A-Plate
  203. 2.0 LSJ Engine "How To" Install OTTP's 4th Gen Heat Exchanger w/o Removing the Bumper
  204. Interior How To: Change Your Speedometer/Gauge Cluster
  205. Appearance Halo Projector Install Guide
  206. Electrical How to install LED brake / turn load resistors
  207. Electrical Installing the FIC6
  208. 2.0 LSJ Engine HOW TO: OTTP Longtube Header
  209. Appearance how to: tint your tail lights the pro's way
  210. General Suspension how to change your front wheel bearing
  211. Other/Misc How To: Install Custom Vehicles On Garmin GPS
  212. Appearance How To: Paint Brake Calipers
  213. Electrical HOW TO: Install LED's on your center console (PICS!!!)
  214. Appearance How To Install Billet Grilles
  215. Drivetrain How to release shifter cable latches
  216. 2.0 LNF Engine Intake Fixes
  217. Appearance how to: paint stock headlights
  218. 2.0 LNF Engine How to install Injen intercooler piping
  219. Appearance Make HALO LED Replacement bulbs.
  220. Other/Misc How-To: Install a rear tow hook
  221. General Suspension Pressure Bleeding
  222. 2.0 LSJ Suspension How To: Rebuild Front SS/SC Brake Calipers
  223. Interior How to change cluster, HVAC control, window and door lock to LED
  224. Appearance How To: Install new quarter window
  225. How To Change HVAC Light Color
  226. Exhaust How-To: Installing HIDs W/ Relay Harness
  227. Appearance How-To: Install HID Foglights
  228. Appearance How To: Remove Front Mudflaps
  229. Drivetrain HOW TO: Rack and Pinion Removal/Installation
  230. 2.0 LSJ Engine how to-timing chain tensioner
  231. How To: Install PowerGrid Inc. adjustable swaybar endlinks from OTTP
  232. Appearance 3rd Brake Light LED
  233. Other/Misc How To: Fix your unresponsive Keyless Entry Remote
  234. Interior how to remove air bag sensors in a 07 ion redline & 07 cobalts
  235. Appearance custom third break light..
  236. Appearance How To Make Your Blinker and Parking Light Flash Together and Stop LED Fast Flash
  237. 2.0 LSJ Engine how to Rebuild IC pump
  238. Interior How to replace the Ebrake assembly in a SS/SC
  239. Turbo Tech Racing STOP Transmission Mounts Install Instructions.
  240. Interior How to Upholster your A Pillar
  241. 2.0 LSJ Engine HOW TO: DIY Dual Pass Endplate (pics inside)
  242. General Suspension FE1 poly cab install
  243. Electrical How To: Key Stuck In The Ignition Fix
  244. General Suspension How to build your own traction Bars
  245. 2.0 LNF Engine How to make a boost leak tester
  246. General Suspension How-To: Sway bar bushing replacement
  247. Appearance How to fill trunk holes.
  248. Appearance how to cover trunk key hole
  249. 2.0 LSJ Engine LSJ Flexpipe repair/replacement
  250. 2.0 LNF Engine How-To: Repair LNF cylinder head oil leaks